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Willoughby Plumbers Toilet Blocked Clogged Repairs

Is your toilet clogged again?

Call Willoughby Plumbers your local blocked toilet specialist for long term blocking toilet solutions.

Willoughby Plumbers specialises in blocked clogged toilets

When you have a blocked and clogged toilet, using a plunger is often the first thing that comes to mind. However, more complicated blocks / clogs will require professional help. If you have blocks / clogs that just won't go away, contact Willoughby Plumbers for service in Sydney and surrounding areas. We serve residential and commercial properties.

What Causes Blocked - Clogged Toilet Problems?

Willoughby Plumbers specialises in blocked clogged toilets: Tree roots can actually cause serious clogging. As sewer lines age, the pipes can develop cracks that release water vapor. Tree roots are naturally attracted to the damaged pipe because they are a source of water and nutrients. From the tiniest of cracks, the roots will grow inside the pipes and eventually block the normal flow of water through your drains. If this problem is not corrected, you may end up with a more serious problem than a clogged toilet. The sewer line may become seriously damaged and start to back up waste. If your toilet is making gurgling noises when you flush it, this is a sign that the sewer line is obstructed.